IBU CUP 2020

4th round - IBU Cup in Biathlon (Osrblie, SVK)

Dear sports enthusiasts, especially you dear athletes.
I am extremely pleased to be able to introduce you as representatives of the new generation of biathlon, whose performances will be seen for more than a week on the tracks and at the shooting range of the National Biathlon Center Osrblie. I would like to remind you that the World Championships in 1997 were held in Osrbl, and that for the first time there were fighter races included in the competitions, so this village in the center of Slovakia, known mainly through biathlon, has its place on the map world biathlon long ago.

I recall the names of the then champions of Osrblia:
Ricco Gross (GER); Wilfried Pallhuber (ITA); Viktor Majgurov (RUS); Magdalena Forsberg (SWE); Olga Romasko (RUS); and Uschi Disl (GER).
Interesting are also the names of the junior world champions from 1994 Brezno-Osrblie Championship:
Raphael Poiree (FRA), Martina Zellner (GER), and Olga Melnik (RUS).

The National Biathlon Center Osrblie, where the World Cup races were held for many years - most recently in 2005 - underwent a modernization in recent years, which lasted longer than we had originally imagined. It was the candidacy for the World Junior and Cadet Championships 2019 that filled us with a new desire for a more modern campus. This time again, the second highest biathlon league of the IBU Cup will be held here again - we believe that they will attract many biathlon fans, but also the general public. We hope that you will get from Osrblia all the nice experience not only from sports performance, but also a rich accompanying program.